For the second time, Doosan decided to choose Hungary - VIDEO REPORT

For the second time, Doosan decided to choose Hungary - VIDEO REPORT

2020. 10. 30.


In order to strengthen its unique role and further increase its presence in Europe, Doosan is building its second plant in Hungary. With the investment of more than EUR 205 million to be implemented by 2022, the company will increase its production capacity of copper thin foil for batteries by two and a half times.

With more than 120 years of tradition, the Doosan Group's market power is indicated by its presence in nearly 40 countries and the employment of about 40,000 people worldwide. Doosan is present in several economic areas, from construction to the electronics industry.

One of the main profiles of Doosan Solus, founded in 2019, is the production of copper thin foil for electric vehicle batteries. For the group, the year 2020 is a real milestone, as Doosan opened its first European factory in Hungary this year, an investment that has been unique on the continent ever since.

Since the decision was made on the first factory, there has been a steadily growing market demand for electric vehicles and batteries. Keeping pace with this trend, Doosan has decided to build a second European plant in order to strengthen its market position.

After examining the possible locations, the company chose Hungary again, as the presence of a well-trained workforce, the adequate infrastructure, the developed business environment and the safe supply chain all made the choice easier.

The construction of the factory with an investment of more than EUR 205 million will start still this year. The new unit, scheduled to be built by 2022, will double the current production capacity by two and a half times and create 200 new jobs.

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