30-year-old Güntner-Tata has inaugurated its latest development - VIDEO REPORT

30-year-old Güntner-Tata has inaugurated its latest development - VIDEO REPORT

2020. 09. 16.

Güntner-Tata has inaugurated its latest development and celebrated its 30-year anniversary in Hungary

The comprehensive investment programme of Güntner has come to an end in Tata. The EUR 25 million project has not only resulted in modernised machinery and the building of a new production hall, but celebrated the construction of the German company's logistics centre to serve the whole of Europe, creating 150 new jobs.

Güntner Group is an indispensable participant in the heating and air-conditioning industry, serving its partners based on its wealth of experience of over eight decades. With over 3,700 employees the company recorded a turnover of EUR 381 million in 2018, building on its 54 sites and 9 production plants. Güntner also pays special attention to research and development. Besides its R&D centre in Germany, it has development teams in ,Hungary Indonesia and Mexico, enabling around 80 colleagues around the world to contribute to constant innovation.

Güntner-Tata was founded in 1990, as a result of the partnership between Germany-based Güntner GmbH and the Hungarian refrigeration company, Tata Hűtőtechnika Ipari Szövetkezet. The cooperation has proved to be extraordinarily successful, making the Hungarian unit become the largest production plant of the whole company group. The Hungarian site is engaged in the production of the entire product family, among others, evaporators for industrial use, air coolers, condensers and other special products requiring unique solutions. Since the start of its operation 30 years ago, the production site has grown twenty times bigger, from 2,000 square metres to almost 40,000 square metres. Now the company offers work to about 1,300 people, which attests to a thirty-fold growth as compared to the initial headcount of 40.

In addition to manufacturing, the engineers in Tata develop production technologies for the entire group. What is more, the development department is actively involved in product development, the shaping of the best production processes and the training of the workforce in the new units.

The event, which celebrated the company's 30th anniversary, gave framework to the presentation of the brand new production plant and service buildings, which were created through this investment, alongside the modernised machinery, all ready to meet the market demand with increased capacity. The construction of the Güntner CoolBridge logistics centre in Tata was also part of the project, which is dedicated to supplying, with its products, the entire continental Europe.

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