TDK Has Opened Its New Plant in Szombathely

TDK Has Opened Its New Plant in Szombathely

2024. 05. 31.

TDK Hungary Components Kft., a subsidiary of the Japanese TDK Corporation inaugurated its new plant in Szombathely. The company's operational scope will now include the production of signal transmitters and sensors, marking the first time these products have been manufactured in Europe. The EUR 70 million investment will create 250 new jobs until 2026, further establishing TDK as one of the city’s largest employers.

Founded in 1935, TDK is one of the world’s leading electronics companies, with a presence in over 30 countries across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. TDK Hungary Components Kft. is a member of this Tokyo-based electronics conglomerate and serves as its most significant European hub for development and manufacturing.

In addition to consumer electronics, the company develops and produces components for smart car applications in Szombathely. Their product lineup includes parts for keyless entry and start systems, optical parking assist systems, lane departure warning systems, and various traffic sign recognition systems.

Recognizing the significant growth in the automotive industry, the company has undertaken a 12,000-square-meter factory expansion. This EUR 70 million investment solidifies TDK's world-leading status and expands its activities to include the production of various signal transmitters and sensors, exclusively for the automotive industry, which have not yet been manufactured in Europe.

As a result of this investment, TDK, one of Szombathely's largest employers, will create an additional 250 jobs.

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