Family Confectionery to Meet Demand With New Plant

Family Confectionery to Meet Demand With New Plant

2024. 05. 09.

Kemenes Cukrász Manufaktúra Kft. is investing EUR 4.7 million in a new confectionery and bakery plant at its site in Páty. In addition to expanding its range of products, the family business, which delivers to customers all over the country, also aims to serve foreign customers.

In the course of nearly a decade and a half of operation, Kemenes Cukrász Manufaktúra Kft. has become one of the country's most modern bakeries with state-of-the-art machinery, serving 300 partners nationwide, including the shops of the Lipót Store Network. Production, which initially started at 60 square meters, has now expanded to 1,200 square meters, but the huge demand has made it necessary to further grow capacities.

The family business will therefore be setting up a new plant over a timespan of a year and a half, with completion expected in March 2025. The EUR 4.7 million investment will create a facility with a floor area of almost 2,400 m2, which will allow the company to expand its product range. In addition to gluten-free products, there will also be a separate section for ice cream production. Foreign orders will be fulfilled by delivering frozen products.

The investment is also modern in terms of energy, as solar panels will cover a third of the electricity consumption and a heat pump will be installed.

The project will create 15 new jobs.