RAFI Hungaria and Modine Hungária Respond To Pandemic-induced Challenges With Expansion

RAFI Hungaria and Modine Hungária Respond To Pandemic-induced Challenges With Expansion

2022. 04. 06.

RAFI Modine

Electronic product manufacturer RAFI Hungaria Kft. and automotive supplier Modine Hungária Gépjárműtechnikai Kft carry out mainly storage expansion-related investments in value of EUR 6.5 million in Mezőtúr and for nearly EUR 5.2 mln in Gyöngyös and Mezőkövesd, respectively, by using subsidy to improve competitiveness. The Mezőtúr project that should be completed by the end of the year has been recently announced, while in Gyöngyös the new storage facility has already been inaugurated.

Founded in Germany over one hundred years ago, and based there ever since, RAFI Group has been operating in Hungary for more than thirty years. RAFI Hungaria Kft. didn’t only become the subsidiary of the Group with the largest staff from among those located on three continents and six countries, but it is also the biggest employer of Mezőtúr that manufactures electronic products primarily for automotive and medical technology.

The company builds a modern storage facility by expanding its current capacities by 2,400 square meters by relying on subsidy to improve competitiveness, with storage height being tripled. Moreover, it further develops public utilities and infrastructure, logistics and machinery at the site.

As the storage area grows, it enables us to make room for production, because from now on two storage facilities will be used for manufacturing purposes. The new equipment that can be purchased as a result of the project, in turn, hold the promise of substantial efficiency improvement,

László Barna, deputy managing director of RAFI Hungaria Kft. said.

In turn, Modine Hungária Gépjárműtechnikai Kft., which produces fridges and heat exchangers for agriculture, construction and transportation, has got as far as the inauguration phase of their investment since the ceremony of their brand-new storage facility of 3,500 square meters has taken place at their site in Gyöngyös. The investment was made with the help of subsidy to improve competitiveness for large enterprises.

Furthermore, the American-owned company purchases equipment for core building, pipe filling and insert lamella manufacturing, and it also expands its soldering furnace capacity.

The developments take place at two sites of the company, namely in Gyöngyös and Mezőkövesd, and in total 10 workers can be hired out of whom six can find employment at the Gyöngyös site. The investment volume at the Gyöngyös and Mezőkövesd sites amounts to nearly EUR 2.5 mln and EUR 2.7 mln, respectively. At the latter site tool manufacturing and test equipment capacities will be extended.

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