Central Europe’s Most Modern Feed Mill Is Up And Running

Central Europe’s Most Modern Feed Mill Is Up And Running

2023. 09. 26.

Leading Hungarian feed producer Vitafort has opened its new feed mill in Dabas, located in Pest county, Hungary, by investing around HUF 6 billion. The project, which is set to enhance efficiency to a large extent, and will enable the company to serve growing export demand.

Having nearly 45 years of tradition, Vitafort Zrt. is one of the key market players of the Central European feed market that controls eight more companies. The corporate group farms 1,800 hectares of land and trades 300,000 tons of grain and base material on a yearly basis. Thanks to its growing market weight, the group is present in 21 countries with its products.

Vitafort has now inaugurated its brand-new feed mill that is also the most modern such facility in the entire Central European region. As a result of the around HUF 6 billion investment Vitafort will be able to boost efficiency and meet growing export demand, whilst headcount has been maintained.

The 1,000 square meter facility located in Dabas, Pest county, has 9 stories and 6,700 square meters of installed high-tech. Capacity is set to increase from 1 million tons a year to 1.5—1.7 million tons. The currently operating four plants will be integrated into this new facility.

More importantly, market demand will be served by products of higher added value, thus strengthening the profitability of Vitafort’s partners, namely large-scale livestock farms.

Thumbnail photo credit: MTI/Illyés Tibor