Nestlé’s Plant in Bük to be Extended by yet Another Investment

Nestlé’s Plant in Bük to be Extended by yet Another Investment

2024. 02. 16.

Swiss-owned Nestlé implements yet another investment in its pet food plant in Bük. As a result of the development in value of HUF 55 billion, 130 new jobs will be created, whereas the output will go up by over 50,000 tons a year. The project marks the last phase of a series of investments that was launched back in 2020 under which the company spent HUF 300 billion in total on different developments.

Nestlé has three factories in Hungary. Diósgyőr has the company's only unit specializing exclusively in hollow chocolate figures, Szerencs is Nestlé's European beverage powder production and filling plant, while Bük has its Central and Eastern European pet food production center.

The latter site, known as Purina, employs around 1,600 people. The plant in Bükk has seen a series of investments since 2020, totaling HUF 300 billion. As the last stage of this five-year development period, the company announced that it will build a new plant worth HUF 55 billion and install two additional automated production lines in Bük.

The project, which will be entirely self-financed, will create 130 jobs. Between 2020 and 2025 the creation of up to 600+ new jobs can be linked to Nestlé’s Bük operation.

The newly announced investment will further increase the capacity of the pet food factory. With the latest development, the annual output of the new plant will reach 500,000 tons by 2025, up from around 200,000 tons in 2019. An important feature of the production is that almost half of the raw materials used come from Hungarian suppliers, and this latest investment will further increase that proportion.


Photo courtesy:  MTI/Máthé Zoltán

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