Automated Unit Added To Leading Regional Oilseed Crush Plant

Automated Unit Added To Leading Regional Oilseed Crush Plant

2022. 10. 20.

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An investment of EUR 66 million further modernizes Viterra Növényolajgyártó Kft.’s oilseed crush plant in Foktő, Bács-Kiskun county, as a result of which an automated unit for vegetable oil further refining has been installed. Thus, Viterra’s plant has become one of the most modern and largest oilseed refining facilities in the CEE region. The expansion allows to hire 40 additional staff.

Represented in 37 countries, Viterra Limited is a leading global industrial raw material and commodity supplier.

Viterra’s Hungarian operation is made up of three member companies that deal with trade and logistics of grain, oilseed, vegetable oil and feed material, and they also pursue manufacturing and storage activities. Viterra Növényolajgyártó Kft. operates one of the biggest oilseed crush plants of the entire CEE region in Foktő located some 200 km south from Budapest.


A number of developments have been implemented as part of the current investment. An automated further refining unit as well as a railway terminal to receive seed transport have been set up, whereas the tanks and the water and  waste water management units have been upgraded at the site.

Up to 90% of refined oil is exported and, thus, can be sold for 30% more than raw oil. The establishment of a railway terminal further allows the company to cut emissions originating from public road transport.

Back in 2020 Viterra Növényolajgyártó Kft. won the Factory of the Year Award in a contest for companies with annual net revenue of HUF 3-15 billion, and now the current expansion is set to further improve its competitiveness.

The investment showcases the strategic importance of the continuously developing domestic food industry with respect of which HIPA contributed to close 66 deals between 2014 and H1 2022.

Joó István Szijjártó Péter