EV Battery Production In Hungary Grows Thanks To Large-Scale Korean Investment - VIDEO REPORT

EV Battery Production In Hungary Grows Thanks To Large-Scale Korean Investment - VIDEO REPORT

2022. 06. 17.


W-Scope Corporation sets up its first European plant in Nyíregyháza where separator film used for lithium-ion batteries will be manufactured. The EUR 720 million project that creates 1,200 jobs qualifies as the largest investment so far announced this year. 

W-Scope Corporation is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange that deals with development, manufacturing and sale of separators – a major component of lithium-ion batteries. The corporate group has operations in South Korea, China and Hongkong, and among its key partners are LG Chem and Samsung SDI. W-Scope Hungary Plant Kft., the Hungarian subsidiary is owned by the South Korean W-Scope Chungju Plant Co., Ltd.

W-Scope Corporation has decided to expand its operation beyond Asia by setting up shop in Hungary and buying an 82 ha plot in the southern industrial park of Nyíregyháza with the purpose of directly supplying products to customers across Europe from H2 2024 onwards. To respond to the explosive growth of the lithium-ion battery (LIB) market, the planned separator film line and the coating line will function at an annual capacity of 1.2 billion sq m. In fact, this will be the world’s largest wide/long/high-speed facility for both bare film lines and coating lines. 

As Ko Kyunh Hwan, Managing Director of the W-Scope Hungary Plant Kft. highlighted, the Hungarian subsidiary was established to implement an efficient value chain and to actively respond to carbon reduction policy all over the world.

Ko Kyunh Hwan

Through this investment, we plan to achieve high productivity and cost competitiveness based on our own process technology, and maximize corporate competitiveness in all aspects such as technology development, production capacity and market expansion. And we will leap forwards as a global company leading the battery separator industry and future EV market,

Ko Kyunh Hwan said.