Continental is increasing the role of its Hungarian R&D team in the value chain - VIDEO REPORT

Continental is increasing the role of its Hungarian R&D team in the value chain - VIDEO REPORT

2021. 06. 07.

continentalContinental is to expand its field of software development, including the research and development activities of advanced driver assistance systems in Hungary. As part of the development to be implemented from more than EUR 11 million in Budapest and Veszprém, the company will create nearly 70 new jobs in high value-added R&D areas.

Continental's research and development activities in Hungary are constantly growing, currently the number of people involved in R&D related jobs is more than a thousand. With this new area of strategic importance, the Budapest office will establish a closer relationship with players of the international value chain developing automated driving at Continental, taking responsibility for connecting the components that implement vehicle detection and control.

Expansion of the Artificial Intelligence Development Centre in Budapest

Since its establishment, the most important competence of the site in Budapest has been the creation of neuronal network-based software solutions. The essence of this is that the recognition of certain objects in the environment is performed by artificial intelligence-based solutions.

The Continental Artificial Intelligence Development Centre in Budapest has been an active player in the formation of an AI based ecosystem in Hungary for a long time, is a member of the AI Coalition and has also established close connections with the Hungarian higher education institutions, including the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, inter alia which it signed a cooperation agreement with.

Thanks to the successful work of recent years in Hungary, additional areas of responsibility will be established in the Budapest centre. Through the development, the Hungarian unit expands with the field of vehicle condition and environment modelling, which implements a higher level of abstraction of the environmental perception required for driver assistance systems and thus fits in perfectly with the Centre's existing competencies.

Expansion of the Vehicle Dynamics Development Centre in Veszprém

The Vehicle Dynamics Development Centre being fully responsible for the ESC (Electronic Stability Control) systems' project is located at Continental's Veszprém unit, which manufactures various sensors for automotive safety systems for all car manufacturers around the world. The company's production capacity is constantly expanding, and its research and development activities are also developing. This includes the coordination of other locations, thanks to which Continental is able to serve some of its customers in all parts of the world entirely from Veszprém. In addition, its sensor development department is a global competency centre for a number of sensor systems.

The new project will include the development of new sensors and functions at Continental, which form the basis for automated driving and highly automated driving, but the development of other electric vehicle systems will also play a role.

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