Ceva is to establish the largest cryogenic storage facility of the EU in Monor - VIDEO REPORT

Ceva is to establish the largest cryogenic storage facility of the EU in Monor - VIDEO REPORT

2021. 11. 23.

Ceva Phylaxia, one of the world's leading animal vaccine producing companies, will set up a new vaccine factory along with the associated infrastructure by developing a new site under a greenfield investment in Hungary. With the technology-intensive investment of more than EUR 26 million in Monor, the 44-hectare site will store frozen and semi-finished vaccines in the "Linilog warehouse", which must be stored in liquid nitrogen at -196 °C.

Ceva Santé Animale is the leading animal healthcare company in France and the fifth largest in the world. Innovation is the driving force for the health of animals, people, and the environment. The group develops medicines, vaccines, equipment, and services for livestock (ruminants, swine, poultry) and companion animals.

Due to its operations, the company carries out a significant R&D activity not only at the parent company, but also in Hungary; in addition to the American and Japanese research teams, Hungary has the 3rd largest research and development team including more than 140 people.

Over the past decade, Ceva-Phylaxia in Budapest has also conquered more and more space in increasing international competition, and 95 percent of their products are exported to major meat-producing countries such as Brazil, Thailand, China, Mexico, and South Africa.

The storage of frozen and semi-finished vaccines will take place in the "Linilog warehouse". The warehouse facility will accommodate 80 freezers at full capacity, which will provide storage for approximately 2.5 million vials of vaccine. The investment will create the largest cryogenic storage facility in the European Union.

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