Budapest To Host New Research Hub For AI-driven Cancer Diagnostics

Budapest To Host New Research Hub For AI-driven Cancer Diagnostics

2023. 03. 23.

A new Pathology Innovation Incubator center has been inaugurated in Budapest to launch a large-scale R&D project under the cooperation of 3DHISTECH Kft., a Hungarian market leader in the field of digital pathology and Epredia, a member of the Japanese PHC Holding. The idea is to develop methods and equipment that are suited to diagnose cancer faster and in a more precise manner. The project requires HUF 1.5 billion funding and up to 20 new R&D jobs are created.

Multiple award winning 3DHISTECH Kft. started out as a Hungarian spin-off business of Semmelweis University that became known for its disruptive technology in the field of digital pathology. The company deals with the development and manufacturing of digital microscopes, pathology systems and tissue microarray systems, its solutions are of world-class nature.

3DHISTECH teamed up with Epredia, a member of the Japanese PHC Holding, to establish their joint Pathology Innovation Incubator to achieve breakthrough success in digital pathology and biotechnology with the aim to conduct research and development of innovative medical diagnostics solutions.

The two companies plan to rely on the excellent Hungarian talent pool, and apart from crucial funding, knowledge is also transfered into the newly launched incubator center. The HUF 1.5 billion project is set to develop a complex AI-driven MedTech equipment that helps customized cancer diagnostics and therapy. Establishing diagnoses can be shortened by up to 50%, and minimum intervention will allow to automate a series of pathology work processes. Joining forces in such manner is expected to surge the market potential of the two businesses substantially.